Family Nights!

Check out the up coming family nights….

March 26th

Family Reading Night.

Bring your books to trade at our book swap.

Storytellers, activities, snacks from your favorite storybooks.  This night will kick off with Mrs. Orsini’s 4th grade recorder ensemble.

Heidi Parker and Patty Luciano co-chairs for this event.

April 9th

Hoops and Jump Rope for Heart

Look for fundraising forms to go out in March.  Raise money for the American Heart Association in celebration of heart health and become an advocate for good nutrition, fitness and overall good heart health.

Then join us for the finale with a fantastic family night on April 9th.  There will be jump roping for fun and competition.  Participate in basketball drills, shooting and watch a basketball game between the Mt. Erie 6th graders and Mt. Erie Staff and parents.

The fun event will be held at the Anacortes Middle School in the gymnasium and the commons area.

A great time for a great cause!  Watch for more on this incredible event.

Val Holtgeerts and Patty Luciano co-chairs for this event

April 24th

Annual Mt. Erie DJ Dance

Dance to the old and the new.  Kids show us your dance moves and your parents will show you theirs!  Great music with Dave Anderson, DJ  “Get the Party Started”.

Take a break with an ice cream sundae.

This annual event is always a hit!

Friday, April 24th from 6:30 to 8pm in the Mt. Erie gymnasium.

May 21st (date subject to change watch for further notice)

Annual Mt. Erie Talent/Variety Show

Get your acts ready and watch the front bulletin board and Mt. Erie PTA website for further information on audition dates and times.  We are always looking for new and creative talent.  We love groups to work together.  Parent/child acts are very popular.  Don’t wait until the last minute start planning your act today!

Ashley King and Karmen Paul co-chairs for this event

June (watch for date)

Water Rocket Raindown

This will be a great way to welcome summer!  Prepare to get wet!

Watch for more Family night information at and in your students backpack and listed on the front bulletin board at school.  These nights are subject to change so make sure you check dates and times prior to the event.

If you want to help with any of the family nights please contact or call Patty at 391-4204

Have you enjoyed family nights?  Would this be a committee you would like to become involved with?  I am looking for people to take over family nights.  This is my last year and I would love to guide you through the process to make the transition simple and fun.  Call me even if you are just considering – please keep these great nights going they are unique to our school and families do seem to always have fun!

Patty Luciano

Mt. Erie PTA Family Night Chair