Safe Routes to School

Support Safe Routes to School

House Bill 1793 will give more children access to safe routes to walk or bicycle to school. The Safe Routes to School Program has a wealth of benefits: Safer communities, healthier kids, and reduced traffic and pollution. Please contact the members of the Transportation Committee and urge him or her to vote YES on House Bill 1793 when it comes up for a vote in Committee.

This bill strengthens the existing legislation:

  • requires more funding to districts/schools with higher levels or poverty and the underserved,
  • would allow and increase funding allocation for emphasis on non-engineering elements (encouragement, enforcement and education), which is especially important for schools and projects that do not have specific engineering needs but could benefit from promoting more walking and biking safely,
  • it would elevate the importance of community collaboration and
  • create a state-wide advisory committee.

Members of the House Transportation Committee:

Judy Clibborn (D)

Marko Liias (D)

Dan Roach (R)

Jay Rodne (R)

Mike Armstrong (R)

Tom Campbell (R)

Don Cox (R)

Mary Lou Dickerson (D)

John Driscoll (D)

Deborah Eddy (D)

Doug Ericksen (R)

Fred Finn (D)

Dennis Flannigan (D)

Jaime Herrera (R)

Norm Johnson (R)

Brad Klippert (R)

Dan Kristiansen (R)

Jim Moeller (D)

Jeff Morris (D)

Christine Rolfes (D)

Mike Sells (D)

Matt Shea (R)

Geoff Simpson (D)

Larry Springer (D)

Dean Takko (D)

Dave Upthegrove (D)

Deb Wallace (D)

Brendan Williams (D)

Alex Wood (D)

Here is some background you can use in your email to legislators:

House Bill 1793 strengthens the  Safe Routes to School Program in the Washington State Department of Transportation. The program helps to create safe opportunities for kids to walk and bicycle to school. Safe routes to school help kids stay healthy and develop good exercise habits, while also helping to create more liveable communities. This bill is supported by the Washington Health Foundation & its Healthiest State Campaign, the Children’s Alliance as well as the statewide Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, among others.

Raising the bar for health in Skagit County.

Liz McNett Crowl, Coordinator
Skagit Valley Hospital
Outreach and Development, Healthy Communities
PO Box 1376
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Phone: 360-428-2331

Skagit County Healthy Communities Project (SCHCP) is a partnership of the Skagit County Public Health Department and Skagit Valley Hospital, with broad community support to focus on increasing access to healthful nutrition and physical activity to decrease chronic disease and obesity. SCHCP is one of nine Healthy Communities Projects funded, in part, with a Washington State Department of Health Prevention Block Grant. Our project has three primary work areas: walking, biking and pathways; active community environments; and children’s health.