Missoula Children’s Theater: Robinson Crusoe!

Robinson Crusoe: A Fantastic Show!!!

Missoula Children’s Theater was here March 16th-21st presenting Robinson Crusoe. And what a wonderful show it was! Thank you to all parents, especially our parent volunteers who helped keep kids back stage occupied as well as those who assisted taking down the set and chairs, to Mr. Knorr and Cathy Hoy for all their help, to the Yarusso family for housing the directors, and to our fabulous cast! The MCT coordinators for the PTA hope to see you all back next fall! We’d like to recognize our entire cast:

Robinson Crusoe (Robby)-Baylee South
Wilson the Goat-Karen Gallardo
Leonard the Leopard-Emma Craft
Friday’s Family
Saturday-Molly Rockwood
Sunday-Marit Yarusso
Monday-Phoenix Gilden
Tuesday-Tyler Gates
Wednesday-Hannah Swartos
Thursday-Cody Frost
Billy-Will Sladich
Bill-Kai Perschbacher
Willy-Jane Lervik
Will-Christopher Warmuth
Wilma-Blakely Webber
Oscar the Octopus-Celica McCallister
Marty the Turtle-Friday show-Dakota Robb-Bryan
Saturday show-Sam Rockwood
Myrtle the Turtle-Darian Sather
Spunky the Funky Monkey-Lincoln Gilden
Wild Boar Willy-Nick Yarusso
Glinda Gull-Kristin Bielman
Stella Stork-Rylee Clemo
Polly Parrot-Cameron McCallister

The Very Hairy Frowny-Face Tribe-Linzi Bowman, Ruby Browning, Zoe Crowe, Sarah Derie, Elyse Etlicher, Ryan Frost, Laney Hamilton, Ben King, Julianna Kirk, Emma McKenna, Anna Morrow, Adam Paszkowski, Bryce Randall, Sierra Scamfer, Gemma Sladich, Jacob South, Peter Walters, Quinlan Young

Chameleons- Amy Aggergaard, Cassie Ausland, Aidan Brunson, Ellie Chambers, Victoria Frost, Hannah Gleason, Cody Hargett, Madelyne Hering,
Connor Jacobsen, Molly Lavelle, Marissa Mason, Megan McKenna,
Serena Morrow, Trey Pennington, Logan Scamfer, Emilie Shjarback,
Lindsey South, Clare Walters, Ben White, Kaitlyn Zarr

Assistant Directors- Andrew Aggergaard, Jacob Carver, Dylan Richmond,
Sam Rockwood

Mama Crusoe- Linda Ricksen
Friday-Megan Harman Director-Rory Behrens

Accompanist-Ana Fakkema