Urgent Family Night Message!

We urgently need volunteers! Please read below!

Subject: Upcoming Family Night

Hi Family Nighters, (help requested at the bottom so please read all the way down)

Our next night is coming quickly. You have seen the forms come home with your children regarding the “Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart” event. This is an opportunity for our kids to help raise money for a cause that touches each and every one of us Heart health and Heart awareness.

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol,
Congenital Heart disease, Heart Attack, Heart Failure,
High blood pressure, Metabolic Syndrome, Peripheral Heart disease

These are issues we are faced with every day. The American Heart Association, with your help is working to find cures.

This fundraiser not only helps to raise funds to support the American Heart Association but it also brings awareness to our children about the importance of exercise and good nutrition. Most of you know that I work in the fitness industry and I see first hand how unhealthy habits in childhood can continue through adulthood. These habits accumulate through the years and becomes a difficult cycle to break. The statistics on childhood obesity are staggering. Today, nearly 1 in 3 children and teens in the US who are overweight are obese. If obesity among kids continues to increase, many believe this current generation of young people will become the first in American history to live shorter lives than their parents. – OUCH!

So please talk this up at home! Let’s get excited about being healthy and as parents, teachers and mentors let’s start with you. Support this fundraiser and choose the walking path to good health the kids will follow!

Here is how you can help at Family Fitness Night…

We need people to:

-Run the smoothie booth (we will alternate if we have enough helpers)
-Collect sponsor forms (this should only be at the beginning of the night as people come in)
-Chaperone the jump rope area (maybe swing a jump rope or 2)
-Nurses or doctors who are willing to do blood pressure checks.
-Basketball counters and feeders for the 3 point basketball competition (high school siblings who play ball would be great
-Moms to play in the Mom/girls basketball game. You don’t have to have a daughter to play! But you need to be a mom.
-Dads to play in the Dad/boys basketball game. You don’t have to have a son to play! But you need to be a Dad.
-Bench watcher to keep the kids moving in order.

If you are in the health industry, or know of someone, and would like to donate your time and talent to this evening please contact me. We would love to have you share your expertise.

Please let me know if you can help out as soon as possible. This is a great night to get involved. If you haven’t volunteered at a family night yet then give this one a try. They really are so much fun!!!

Call or email me with questions or to let me know how you can help.

Patty Luciano family night Chair
phone – 299-1220
Val Holtgeerts – Mt. Erie PE instruction-Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart organizer