Mustang Point Update

How cool would it be if your student’s class could head over to Storvik Park on a sunny afternoon for lunch and some serious time on the new play equipment? Pretty Cool!

 That is exactly what’s in store for the class that collects the most Mustang Points before the end of the year! It’s not too late—start racking up those points! Here’s how:

 Your student’s class gets Mustang Points when you do almost anything that has to do with school! Volunteering in the classroom, attending a PTA meeting, helping out at a family night, serving on a committee, etc.

 All you need to do it make sure that your time and attendance get recorded on the blue Mustang Points sheet at every event. Didn’t see a blue sheet? That’s okay—just let us know you were there and you’ll get credit. Send Silja an e-mail, leave a note in the PTA room, send it via carrier pigeon—but let us know! We want your favorite class to get credit!

 Here’s what else you may not know—kids can earn Mustang Points too! That’s right! All they have to do is write their name and room number on the back of any “WOW” cards they get from staff or volunteers and put them in the envelope on the PTA room door. Kids can also get credit when they help out at events, too!

 It’s so easy to get Mustang Points—lasso as many as you can before the year is out! 

Go Mustangs!

Point Totals for May 1, 2009:


Miller 332
D’Amelio 308
Cardinale 281
Mong 225
Dunham/ Olsen 178
Catlin 160
Petrick 139
McMullen 130
Brynteson 123
Ricksen 119
Barrett 103
Boyes 102
Walsh Smith 80
Moore 67
Donaldson 67
Pringle 66
Howard 65
Conat 55