Board Minutes April 2009

Mt. Erie Board Meeting
April 8, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: The Mt. Erie PTA Board meeting was called to order in the PTA room at 2:30pm by President Suzy Gilbert. A quorum was was met. Present were Suzy Gilbert, Ashley King, Holly Goss, Karman Paul, Meredith Laws, and Leslie T, Silja S

MINUTES: The minutes of the March 11, 2009 Board meeting were approved as submitted.

GUEST SPEAKER – Teru Lundsten spoke about Art Enrichment Program she created.

TREASURERS REPORT: Holly gave an update on the treasurer’s report. Several teachers/staff have not used their $100 staff grants yet. Liaisons will contact these teachers/staff to remind them they have the monies available.

YEARBOOK – Karman is wrapping up the yearbook and did receive pictures from the teachers of their classrooms.

PTA Convention Registration – May 1-3.

Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation –
ACTION ITEM – Joan; we would like to do something nice for the ladies in the lunchroom.

Fundraising – Leslie said would be helping with the fundraiser next year. Would like to stay with Sally Foster next year but need to make it clear to everyone that if they do not want to buy something, they can still just give a check.

Election of Officers – Election of Officers will take place at the May 2009 General Membership meeting.

Ready For School Clothing Drive – This benefited the Ready for School Fair that is held just prior to the start of school. The clothing drive in the past was held in May and there was a book swap. The clothes were taken to the Red Cross. Meredith will research this and report back to the Board.