Open House Update

Mount Erie families take note – there is a change to the traditional “Open House” schedule this year. Below is a note from Mr. Knorr regarding the reason for the change.

“The before school “meet and greet” was funded, in part, by the funds that would be used for the traditional ‘Open House’ night.  The other portion of funds will be used by grade level teacher to either hold a ‘curriculum’ night for parents and/or to develop a curriculum summary handout for that grade level to be shared with parents.  These two activities will replace the traditional ‘open house’ as we have experienced it in the past. This was  a priority to try a new way of interacting with parents this year…  I know the traditional evening will be missed by many parents and family members, but there may be ways to involve these folks in some special school activities, i.e.: a grandparents day, a special lunch invitation, etc…”

This format is being adopted by other elementary schools in our district as well. According to Mr. Knorr, this gives the teachers an opportunity to focus on informing the families about cirriculum goals and objectives for the year without having to focus on things like decorating the halls and non-academic activities that are required for a traditional open house. It has not been decided yet if the cirriculum nights will take place simultaneously or class by class. Watch this website for more information! We hope that this new format will be successful for our teachers and families.

See  you at school!