Cyber Safe Deadline Approaching!

Norton Cyber Safety Challenge – Mt Erie can win up to $20,000!!!

 Imagine the great things Mt Erie PTA could do with $20,000!

 There are still three weeks left to work towards winning $20,000, $10,000 or $5,000 for our school by signing up for a FREE subscription to OnlineFamily.Norton.  Mt. Erie has registered to participate in the challenge but there hasn’t been too much activity from our families yet!   The contest is still WIDE open – the leading schools have about 40 families registered, so we definitely have plenty of time to surpass that number.   And, you have up until November 15th to sign up for the service!

 To participate in the contest and get your free copy of OnlineFamily.Norton, follow these easy steps:

School Name:   Mt Erie Elementary

Promotion code:  PR-WA-24-3032

  • Follow the easy instructions to install the service on the computers your kids use
  • Login to check up on kids’ online activities, view reports showing search items and websites kids are using, set limits on kids’ computer time and monitor Facebook and MySpace activity, etc…

We are doing great work to help protect families and create better online experiences for all.  At its core, that is what this contest is all about – making the Internet a safer and more rewarding experience for the entire family. 

 At the Harvest night family night on October 29, we’ll have a computer set up to sign you up and get you going!

 Finally, here are a few links that may be of interest to you:

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 Thanks for making the Internet a safer place for our kids and for helping our school!

 Suzy Gilbert


360.202.9098 (cell)