October 2009 Board Minutes

Mt. Erie Board Meeting
October 13, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: The Mt. Erie PTA Board meeting was called to order in the PTA room at 2:30pm by President Suzy Gilbert. Present were Suzy Gilbert, Ashley King, Joan Ockerman, Leslie Tysseling, Jennifer McGill, Katherine Houck, Meredith Laws, Silja Shjarback, Lara Young, Rhonda McLaughlin, Cathy Hoy, Bob Knorr.

MINUTES: The minutes of the September 2009 Board meeting were approved as submitted.

TREASURERS REPORT: We are about $4000 short of target on Sally Foster without internet sales. Budgeted $10,000 but we are approximately 3-4,000 short of where we needed to be.
Field trips, project/teacher grants: we do not want to reduce budgeted amounts so we do not want to cut funds here.

Are there some places that we can cut in the budget?
• Take out $600 in read-a-thon
• Take out $100 in science enrichment
• $250 out for science animal care
• Assemblies $250 cut
• Family nights $200 out
• $100 out of staff appreciation
• $50 out of reflections
• $100 lice kits/lice combs
• This totals $1600 out of the budget without much impact.
Also need to increase awareness of box tops and increase emphasis on eScrip.

Can the money be put into a money market account or a CD account? Want to make sure that the money can be accessed if needed. Research will be done and best options will be presented.

Silja moved that the budget be approved as stated. Seconded and motion passed.

PRINCIPALS REPORT: Bob said it would be a great time for the PTA to look at new ways to help students and supporting parents. Reminded that parent resources are available in the Library and the GET program through the state is great way to begin college planning.

Membership: Membership is at 170 right now. We are down about 40 from last year but we should be getting sign-ups through October. Suzy would like to have a table at the Harvest Fest for Membership. Bob suggested that PTA forms be put in teacher boxes again.

Communications: Meredith – Encouraged everyone to update on the PTA website. She can show you how.

Silja – Raffle box – be sure to put your name in the volunteer raffle box. There will a raffle at the General Membership Meetings.

PTA liaisons – Silja is looking for volunteers to be liaisons. Would like to ask that each Board member take a grade as a liaison. Silja will send out a list of areas in which a liaison is still needed.

When you sign in at the front of school, be sure to list your child’s teacher so you get credit for Mustang points.

Fundraising – Leslie – One of the prizes for Sally Foster is that anyone involved gets to go to a movie. November 7 will be the movie day at Anacortes Cinemas. Please send Leslie list of any movies that might be good for the movie.

Need to get more parents, families, friends sign up for escrip. Will have a laptop available for signup at Harvest Night.

Family Night – Eleven 6th grade service club kids will be helping with games on Harvest Night.

November movie night has been cancelled. Craft night will be in December – will need many volunteers for this.

Yearbook – Jennifer McGill will be heading up yearbook. Would like to have a parent/child team with each classroom and these photos can all be uploaded to a particular website. Jennifer signed up for Google calendar so people can look at the calendar to see where we are regarding the yearbook. Jennifer is looking at vendors for the yearbook and will get quotes. Sheila is looking into getting software on about four computers in the lab so that a Yearbook club can work out of the lab.

Competition for the yearbook cover – would be open to 6th graders. Would have a panel of judges to select the winner for the cover. It was suggested that this be done at the beginning of the new year.

Jennifer will set us a Picassa site for all photos to be downloaded to.

T-Shirts: Cathy How reminded everyone that orders due on October 20.

Legislative – WA state PTA is opposing I-1033.

Suzy adjourned the meeting at 3:30.