November 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Mt. Erie Board Meeting
November 10, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: The Mt. Erie PTA Board meeting was called to order in the PTA room at 2:30pm by Vice-President Catherine Houck. Those present were Catherine Houck, Leslie Tyssling, Ashley King, Silja Shjarback, Lara Young, Bob Knorr

MINUTES: The minutes of the October 2009 Board meeting were approved as submitted.

TREASURERS REPORT: No report given.

PRINCIPALS REPORT: Bob reported that How it Works, Premier Printing, and an anonymous donation have been made that has allowed the Anacortes School District to be printed and distributed.

Volunteer Coordinator: Silja reported that the WOW cards are being turned in. She will visit with the Para Eds to ensure that the WOW cards are given out evenly throughout the school.

Silja will send out a communication to the PTA liaisons regarding communications with the teachers.

Fundraising: Leslie said it is almost wrapped up. Only 3 reorders. Internet orders are about the same as last year. Volunteers did a great job and are very appreciated for all they did.

T-Shirts: Cathy Hoy said they will be in at the end of this week.

Family Nights: December 3 is Craft Night. Volunteers are still needed for craft night and each volunteer will be asked to assist at a specific table/craft. Ideas for crafts are welcome.

RIF: First RIF will be December 3. February 11 and April 29 will be the remaining dates and Gina Thomas will head this up.

Reflections: Forms are available outside the PTA room.

Missoula Children’s Theatre: Sign up is open for Fall 2010. Do we want to continue having two per year? This is reaching the same kids both times. Do we want to scale back to one per year and use the money saved to reach another group of kids?

Hospitality: Spirit Day is this Friday. It was suggested that a set number of kids be selected who show the most Spirit. These children could be awarded a coupon for ice cream. This would encourage school spirit.

Upcoming Levy: A PTA meeting is coming up regarding the upcoming school levy. On December 7 there will be a district meeting at 7 pm in the Middle School Commons. Chris Borgen will be speaking about the School Board Resolution regarding the school levy and strategies and how to get parents involved. The levy is for operations only and is for four years.

Young Authors: This program had been offered through the schools in the past, but this program has been cut from the school budget. A similar program is available through the ESD (no longer in the schools). Margo Cunningham is looking at having authors and illustrators come to the school. More information will be coming about this.

The meeting was adjourned by Catherine Houck at 3:30.