December 2009 Board Minutes

Mt. Erie Board Meeting
December 8, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: The Mt. Erie PTA Board meeting was called to order in the PTA room at 2:30pm by President Suzy Gilbert. Those present were Catherine Houck, Ashley King, Silja Shjarback, Suzy Gilbert, and Lara Young.

MINUTES: The minutes of the November 2009 Board meeting were approved as submitted.

TREASURERS REPORT: Suzy presented the financial report. The books are audited every month; all previous audits have been fine.

PRINCIPALS REPORT: No report given.

• Silja reported that Mustang point prizes will be given out for primary grades and intermediate grades separately.
• Membership – The directories have been taken to Bayshores for printing and will be available for distribution in the next week.
• Communication – Deadline for January newsletter is the week of December 18.
• Book Bingo – Megan Attebery and John Dumas will be heading up Book Bingo.
• Family Night – Craft night was a big success. Bruce Meyers, the magician, will be in January. Predators of the Heart will be at Mt. Erie in February. A link to Predators of the Heart will be added to the Mt Erie PTA website for parents to find out more information.
• RIF – RIF was a great success. The kids loved their books.
• Reflections – Jennifer Bowman will be presenting to the classrooms beginning on December 9.
• Hospitality – Some of the teachers are participating in the Secret Mustang. The teachers can “secretly” give each other little gifts with a $10 maximum.
o Spirit – In December, ice cream was given to kids who dressed with the most spirit.
• Box Tops – Lara reported that the kids have been handing in a lot of box tops and the committee is preparing them to send in.

Nominating Committee – Election of officers must be done prior to April 30th. Discussion was held as to who will serve on the nominating committee, only two people are needed for the committee. The nominees will be presented at the January 19 General Membership Meeting and will be voted on at the March 16 General Membership meeting.

The meeting was adjourned by Suzy Gilbert at 3:30.