Mt. Erie Board Meeting

CALL TO ORDER: The Mt. Erie PTA Board meeting was called to order in the PTA room at 2:30pm by Vice President Catherine Houck. Also present were Lara Young, Silja Shjarback, Ashley King, Joan Ockerman, Julie White, Leslie Tyssling, Rhonda McLaughlin, Bob Knorr.

MINUTES: Minutes from 01/12/10 Board Meeting were approved as submitted.

TREASURERS REPORT: Joan reported January was relatively quiet. $112.96 was paid for memberships (4) for the last quarter. The treasurer’s software was just paid this past month. This will need to be paid again in July; the check for $300 for RIF last year was written but not cashed. In order to write a new $300 for last year, it will need to be approved at the next General Membership Meeting.

PRINCIPALS REPORT: Some funding is received from the state of Washington “LAP” money which is for children performing below level. In the past, this money had been used for summer school. So this money will go directly to the schools to target children that do not meet the standards. K, 1,and 2: Money will go into reorganizing the instructional day and provide for uninterrupted instructional time. There will be 4 adults for about 13 kids in the low group to target reading skills. This will be for 2 hours a day for the remainder of the year.3, 4: and will do before and after school program. Just the kids at risk will be targeted. These children will get math and some reading. 5, 6 are only in math and will be just before school.

Lunch: Three lunches will be created instead of two.

• Membership: Julie gave an overview of what Membership Chair does.
• Upcoming chair openings: It was suggested that a list of open committee positions be created with a brief overview of what each committee entails. Could a package be distributed at Kindergarten Round-up or at Kindergarten Tea. A letter could also be possibly sent home in letter. Will also have information in the upcoming PTA newsletter.
• Fundraising: Leslie reported that there were 4 to 5 people who did not receive their items until after Christmas. It was discussed what fundraiser the PTA would want to do for 2010-2011. Is it possible that individuals might present proposals as to what to do?
• Family Nights: The next family night is Thursday February 11 and will be Predators of the Heart.
• Yearbook: Reminded everyone to take pictures occasionally as you are at the school or any school function and send to Jennifer McGill.
• Legislative: Rhonda reported that there have been a record number of ballots received to date.
• RIF: Will be Thursday, February 11.
• Missoula Children’s Theatre: The Thomas’ will be hosting the directors.
• Hospitality: Lara will be soliciting volunteers to provide cookies for the Art Show at the Depot on March 5. Teacher conferences are the third week of March and will be looking for donations for the teacher’s lounge.
• Vale-Gram: The PTA will send a Vale-Gram to Mt. Erie teachers.

Haiti Fundraiser: Joan Petrick and Sheila have asked if Mt. Erie PTA would help the students organize a fundraiser, possibly origami, for money to go to Haiti. This will be presented to the 6th grade service club as a possible project. Rhonda McLaughlin will talk with Melinda Moore about this.

Silja asked if the PTA would be interested in donating to the Tommy Thompson Trestle. There is a fund run planned for April 24. Silja moved to donate $200 to the rebuilding of the Trestle. The motion was seconded and approved.

The meeting was adjourned by Catherin Houck at 3:30.