Missoula Children’s Theater Update!

Princess and the Pea Practices Produce Priceless Performances

Missoula Children’s Theatre was at Mt. Erie March 8-13th producing The Princess and the Pea. Over 70 wonderful kids came for the audition and 52 were cast. You are all awesome for taking a risk and auditioning. If you didn’t make it this year, try again next time! A big thank you to all the wonderful parents who helped keep children waiting to go on stage quiet and calm, and those who stayed after the show to take down chairs and the set. We appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you to the Thomas family for hosting the tour directors in their home for the week. They had a very comfortable stay in Anacortes!

The fabulous cast of The Princess and the Pea:

Assistant Directors: Gemma Sladich (sound and lights), Blakely Weber (back stage)


Storm King: Cody Frost

Snow Queen: Lanie Serres

Prince Ice Man: Jared Vandeway

Jack Frost: Gabriella Primozich

Phony Princesses: Carly Bates, Mia Lavelle

Gale: Sarah Derie

Winter Wind Worker: Ellie Chambers

Bitter: Anna Morrow

Blizzard Bringer: Olivia Magerkurth

Grinder: Alyssa Mielke

Icicle Sharpeners: Jayda Jameson, Jenna Stevens

Powder: Natalie Dale

Snow Smoothers: Molly Lavelle, Reese Vaux


King Size: Bryce Randall

Queen Size: Rachel White

Princess: Madysen Aggergaard

Pea: Karen Gallardo

Phony Princesses: Shianne Honeycutt, Mayson Bray

Fuchsia: Sierra Scamfer

Flower Gardener: Jordyn Vaughn

Splash: Hannah Jones

River Runner: Cassie Ausland

Bud: Cadee Kinnee

Green Shoot Growers: Madeline Murray, Megan Paul

Pug: Emily Mielke

Tree Barker: Emma McKenna

Tree Biter: Maddie Hering

Leprechaun Clan: Rylee Clemo, Lillian Devine, Celica McAllister, Anja Shjarback

Dust Bunnies: Chloe Chambers, Tanea Curtiss, Victoria Frost, Kody Hargett, Marissa Mason, Megan McKenna, Sydney Metzger, Serena Morrow, Anna Prewitt, Adessa Sauer, Emilie Shjarback, Lindsey South, Chloe Stroud, Clare Walters

Assistant Directors: Gemma Sladich, Blakely Weber

MCT Directors: Chief Leprechaun: Samuel Rudolph, Director: Renée Roberts