Board Positions Available for Next Year!

Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s already time to think about next year’s PTA! The 2010-11 Executive Board was voted into office at the last general PTA meeting. Please see below for open positions and let Silja Shjarback, ( our volunteer coordinator, know if you have any questions or are interested in a position for next year. We’d love to have you join us!!

2010-11 Executive Board Members:

President: Catherine Houck                  Vice President: Silja Shjarback

Treasurer: Joan Ockerman                    Secretary: Leslie Tysseling

Board Members:

Communications- OPEN

Family Fun Nights- OPEN

Fundraising- OPEN

Hospitality/Staff Appreciation- Megan Atterberry

Legislative- OPEN

Membership– Kristen Murphy   2nd co-position: OPEN

Volunteer Coordinator- OPEN

Yearbook- Jennifer McGill

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Box Tops- Sunni Ausland and Ellen Kline

Escrip/Recycling- OPEN

Missoula Children’s Theatre-Ashley King (Fall) Silja Shjarback (Winter)

Reading is Fundamental- Gina Thomas

Reflections– Kristen Murphy 2nd co-position- OPEN

Science Detectives Coordinator: OPEN

T-shirts/Sweatshirts- Gina Thomas

Winter Reading Program/Book Bingo- John Dumas & Megan Atterberry

Descriptions of open positions:


  • Coordinates one fundraising event for the year
  • We hope to move away from sales-oriented fundraising and do something such as a walk-a-thon
  • Works closely with a committee and the executive board
  • Attends  monthly board meetings

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Organizes gathering of volunteers for committees in the fall
  • Periodically gather volunteers as needed for non-committee events
  • Oversees Mustang Points program
  • Organizes PTA Teacher Liaisons
  • Arranges for volunteer appreciation events
  • Attends monthly board meetings

Escrip/Electronic Recycling:

  • Advertises EScrip program to parents
  • Receives EScrip deposits
  • Collects and sends laser cartridge and cell phones to recycling
  • Receives recycling deposits

Membership co-chairs

  • Coordinate recruiting and registering new members  (manages registration table the first week of school and at the beginning of fall school functions)
  • Most of the work occurs the first few weeks of school in September
  • Be present at the school (before and/or after school) the first week and stop in to collect forms/payment (primarily in fall, but also periodically during the year)
  • Enters members into the PTA membership roster on line
  • Prepares, coordinates printing and distributes PTA Membership Directory
  • Attends monthly board meeting

Reflections co-chair

  • Advertises program to students and families
  • Gathers submitted entries
  • Organizes judging submitted entries
  • Coordinates art show event in January
  • Submits winning entries to state

Science Detectives Chairperson

  • Organizes Science detectives program
  • Advertises program
  • Arranges for parent volunteer instructors monthly