Safeway Escrip 10% Back to Schools Program

Shop August 11th through September 14th at Safeway!

With your help, over $14 million has been donated to local schools from this program. Earn even more this year – the top 100 schools will receive an additional $1,000!

Get Groceries that Give Back to Schools.

Here’s How:

A) Look for the yellow School Bus tag between August 11th and September 14th and purchase over 2,000 participating products.

To find participating items, simply look for yellow School Bus tags throughout the store, pick up the in-store flyer or look online.

B) Use your Club Card to buy participating items and 10% of the price will go to the school of your choice (learn more about eScrip or sign up).

Check your receipt for details throughout the program. Your total will be updated every shopping trip.

For three weeks starting on September 18th a redemption code will be printed at the bottom of your receipt.

school bus tags

C) Pick Mt. Erie Elementary to get 10% of your total. Visit this site before October 13th to choose Mt. Erie. Then simply enter your redemption code to make your donation. You can also give the bottom of your receipt (with the redemption code) directly to the PTA at Mt. Erie.

eScrip member contributions will automatically go to Mt. Erie.