The Winter Reading Program is BACK! We truly believe reading is fundamental to each student’s education and that every book is not only a learning opportunity, but an adventure waiting to happen.We have made a major change in the program’s format from year’s past to hopefully make the program more fun for the student, easier for them to participate and more fairly reward our top readers.

Here is how it works ~
•The program will be a last 6 weeks, runningfrom January 27ththrough March 11th
•For every 15 minutes a student reads, a parent or teacher initials one square on the Reading Card (example -a student reads 45 minutes –3 squares are initialed)
•The student will continue reading until all blank squares have been initialed –this equals a “Completed Reading Card”
•Return the Completed Reading Card to their teacher for review and filing
•Pull a new Reading Card and start more timed reading  (or print out a card – Reading Card – 2011.pdf )

Prizes ~ Our prize format has also changed this year and is better than ever! Here is an overview of our prizes – Reading Program Prize List – 2011.pdf .

Another great change this year is Mr. Bruland, Mr. Donaldson and our outstanding teachers have jumped into the program and initiated some really fun ideas to help our students fall in love with reading. The program will have an opening and closing assembly with some great fun planned!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email John or Megan at 293-3117 or