School officially ends on Monday, June 20th at noon! Pass the word!

End of School Events
  • Friday, May 27th—early release (noon)
  • Monday, May 30th—No School; Memorial Day
  • Tuesday, June 14th Field Day (grades K-2nd)
  • Wednesday, June 15th Mt. Erie Fun Run (grades 3-6th)
  • Monday, June 20th Last Day of School (due to snow days), 6th Grade Moving Up Ceremony; early release (noon)
Testing Dates for Grades 3rd-6th
Also see the Mt. Erie and/or our PTA website for updates as these keep changing.

MSP (Measurement of Student Progress) testing window opens May 2, closes on May 19

Tuesday, May 3, 3rd grade Reading
Wednesday, May 4, 6th grade Reading
Thursday May 5, 4thWriting and 5th grade Reading
Friday, May 6 and May 9 MSP  make up
Tuesday May 10, 4th grade Reading, 5th grade Science, 3rd grade Math
Thursday, May 12, 5th grade Math, 4th grade Writing
Friday, May 13, general make up
Monday May 16, 4th grade Math, general make up
Tuesday, May 17, 6th grade Math

Wednesday May 18, general make up, MSP window closes

MAP(Measurement of Academic Progress) testing window opens May 19, closes on June 3

Friday, May 20, 4th grade Reading, 4th grade Math
Monday, May 23, 5th grade Math
Tuesday, May 24, 5th grade Reading
Wednesday, May 25, 6th grade Reading
Thursday, May 26, 3rd grade Reading, 4th grade Math
Wednesday, June 1, 6th grade Math
Thursday, June 2, 3rd grade Math, 4th grade Reading
Friday, June 3, MAP testing window closes, make up testing