2011-12 Open Board and Ad-Hoc Committee Positions

Board Positions 2011-12

President:                 Silja Shjarback
Vice President:       Catherine Houck
Secretary:                  Polly Dubbel
Co-Treasurers:        Jennifer Aggergaard & Gina Thomas
Fundraising:             Suzy Gilbert
Legislative:               Tanya Twete
Co-Hospitality/Staff Appreciation:   Megan Atterberry & Jessica Notaro
Communications:           Kathleen  Horr
Co-Membership:            Emily Hylton
Co-Membership:   Leslie Tysseling
Family Nights:    open
Volunteer Coordinator:  Susan Butler
Watch DOGS:  open

Ad-hoc Committee Chairs 2011-12

Missoula Children’s Theatre: open
Escrip:  open
Science Discovery Coordinator: open
T-Shirts:          Kathryn Jones
RIF:                   Kim Dotzauer
Family Nights committee(Fall/Winter): open
Family Nights committee(Spring-Talent Show): Karman Paul et al.
Reflections:     Aimee Rudge
Box Tops:          Sunni Ausland & Ellen Kline
Yearbook:         Melinda Moore et al.
Mustang Points:  Aimee Rudge
Web Site:               Sarah Nichols
Winter Reading  Program:     John Dumas
Safety Committee:     John Dumas

Open position descriptions:

Co-Membership Chair:  Responsible for organizing the membership drive in fall. Maintain membership records database and submits LCRU reports to the WSPTA and Treasurer 3x per year. Distribute membership cards annually. Works with Co-chair to coordinate and distribute school directory each fall.
Assists with tracking all donations received in conjunction with membership. Contact newcomers to the school and invite them to join PTA.
Timing and Commitment: Kick off in fall, concentrated effort late August throughJanuary.

Fall/Winter Family Night Committee: This group of parents will organize, plan, advertise and implement one family night in the fall or winter. We have ideas or you can brain storm some new ones.

Watch D.O.G.S. Committee/Coordinator: Oversee the Watch DOGS program, keep the board informed.  We have detailed resources for all the coordinator’s needs including templates for flyers and tshirt order forms.  Organize and implement the fall father/child pizza event with a committee; set up calendar and method for Watch DOGS to sign up for their day. Communicate with office and principal regarding schedules. Write occasional newsletter articles related to the program.

Missoula Children’s Theatre Coordinator: MCT provides detailed guidelines and posters. You would advertise the show; recruit pianist and homestay families; plan schedule for workshops taught by MCT staff; organize parents/6th grade students to assist with backstage help, organize volunteers to purchase meals for MCT directors and provide supervision during the week; produce program (template provided).  This is a fun job, busy for the MCT week but manageable, especially as parents do volunteer to assist you.

Escrip Coordinator: A very low key job, can be done from home. You will advertise and inform parents about the escrip program via flyers and/or emails. Renew members each year on line and report on escrip website the allocation of funds.

Science Discovery Coordinator: Organize volunteer parents to teach 30 minute science related lessons on late start Wednesdays.

If one of these open positions appeal to you, or you have any questions please contact Silja Shjarback at shjaresa@fidalgo.net or 588-0866.