Mountain School Welcomes Mt. Erie 5th Graders!

Do your children wish that summer would never end? Mt. Erie fifth graders are in luck. They will have one more outdoor experience before the end of the year. All Mt. Erie fifth graders will have the opportunity to attend a three-day, two-night “Ecosystem Explorations Program” at the North Cascades Institute’s Mountain School. Mountain School takes place at NCI’s  Environmental Learning Center on the shores of Diablo Lake next to North Cascades National Park. Instructors from NCI also visit with the students before and after the Mountain School trip. The facilities at the Mountain School are well constructed, heated, “eco-lodge” type structures. More information about Mountain School can be found o n t h e i r w e b s i t e Select “Mountain School”, then select “4th to 6th Grade Ecosystem Explorations”. Since the Anacortes School District does not pay for this type of extra-curricular  activity, the PTA has spearheaded an effort to make this available to Mt. Erie 5th graders next year and in the years to come by offsetting a significant portion of the student cost as well as help conduct fundraisers to pay for remaining expenses. The fifth grade students, chaperones, and teachers will be heading off to Mountain School Nov 7-9, 2011. If you are interested in  helping out by chaperoning, fundraising, or equipping students, please contact Catherine Houck, Silja Shjarback, or your fifth grade teacher. Happy Trails!