September 2011 Legislative News

On Wednesday, July 20th, the office of the Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction formally adopted the Common Core State Standards for Washington State. These standards will provide clear and concise benchmarks for what our students need to achieve in order to be work and higher education ready. This will help raise the standards of our students by providing more science and math classes and extending our language arts for an additional two years in high school.

The benchmarks are not meant to enforce a specific syllabus or curriculum but provide guidance on what our children should be learning and holding our children to a higher level to increase their success.         You can read WSPTA’s briefing on the Common Core State Standards at and Superintendent Dorn’s statement  at

In related news, The Anacortes Early Learning Partners (local preschools and daycares along with ASD Kindergarten teachers) met to learn new techniques and tailor their instruction to the new core guidelines.

MTE’s Amanda Cardinale has been intimately involved with WaKids, a pilot program designed to provide a better transition from preschool or home to Kindergarten and enable greater school success. Stay tuned for more news!