Check out awesome activities with Mt. Erie teachers – only offered at Mt. Erie PTA’s Spooktacular Fundraising Auction

• Water color painting class with Mrs. Walsh-Smith, 4th grade teacher
• Varsity AHS basketball game with Mrs. D’Amelio, 1st grade teacher
Apple cider pressing with Mrs. Science
• Kids see a movie with Mrs. Ricksen, 4th grade teacher
Guitar lessons for your child and friends with Mrs. Orsini, music specialist
• Buy a book, drink cocoa, and chat about books with Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Moore, 5th & 6th grade teachers
• Three hour sailing lesson with Mr. Orsini, husband of our music specialist
Tutoring with Mrs. Barrett, 2nd grade teacher
Cooking class and Spanish lesson with Miss Morrison, 1st grade teacher
Babysitting with pizza, ice cream and games for 4 kids with Mrs. Brynteson, 5th grade teacher
Evening PE class for 24 moms with Mrs. Holtgeerts, PE teacher
• Be Assistant Principal for the day with Mr. Donaldson
Teacher bed time tuck in with Mrs. Cardinale and Mrs. Caruso, kindergarten teachers
• Two hour horseback ride around Heart Lake with Mrs. Boyes, 3rd grade teacher
• Mrs. Dellutri, 6th grade teacher, will do your child’s homework for a week

See all the fabulous auction items at Final Auction Schedule of Events 10-10-11.pdf