Mountain School Recap

With the support of our PTA, 53 fifth graders, two teachers, and 12 parent chaperones spent three days and two nights of learning in the North Cascades Mountains. The group attended “Mountain School” from November 7 – 9. This nationally recognized environmental education program is part of the North Cascades Institute, a beautiful facility located on Diablo Lake. Our 5th graders studied ecosystems as a way to enhance and enrich their learning in Ms. Damarjian’s Science classes. The Mt. Erie group feasted on delicious wholesome food at each meal, stayed in beautiful dormitory-style lodges– plenty of heat and hot water–and learned from outstanding staff members who are completing their Master’s in Environmental Education. In addition to learning about ecosystems, students returned to Mt. Erie with a greater interest in our Western Washington environment, deeper friendships, and memories to last a lifetime.