Reading Rocks!

The Mt Erie Winter Reading Program wrapped up in February with over 11,000 hours read by Mt Erie students in 6 weeks.  This reading total broke the school goal of 10,000 hours and was quite an accomplishment considering the program experienced a snow week right in the middle. The PTA funded books for all students completing a reading card and the give-away will award nearly 400 free books.  All the students did a great job, but the program recognized several top readers for their grade groups.  The Top Reader prize was awarded to Noah Dunham for Kindergarten and 1st grade, Colin Butler for 2nd – 4th grade and Conner Close for 5th and 6th Grade.  The classes competed in the program as well, with the classes of Ms. Morrison, Mrs. Dunham/Walsh Smith and Mrs. Brynteson winning a pizza party for logging the most hours.  The program would like to recognize the Mt Erie PTA, the Masonic Lodge, Skagit Cycle and Cortland Puget Sound Rope for their continued support of this program.  A special thanks to Julie and Jon Gerondale for their efforts in managing the 2012 program.