State issues that effect our school.

Stay informed of state issues that effect our school and our children!

The 2013 state legislative session is in full swing. There are lots of proposals on the table that impact school funding and policy, not the least of which is addressing fully funding basic education. It is often difficult to keep up to date on the implications of new legislation and to see through the media hype. A non-profit group, Stand for Children,, does a good job of providing weekly summaries of legislative action and upcoming legislative issues. Updates can be found on their website, sent directly to your inbox via e-mail or seen on Facebook. It is all our responsibility to be educated about our children’s education, whether that translates to advocacy to your representative or the basis for fully informed conversations with friends and family.

Current issues in committee focus on Academic Acceleration (HB 1642), 3rd Grade Reading (SB 5237), and Computer Science as a math or science credit towards graduation (HB 1472). The big issue regarding state funding of basic education will be addressed toward the end of March.

It is easy to make your voice heard!
1. Contact your legislator-

2. Contact legislators on the education committees-
Senate Education Committee website
House Education Committee website

3. Comment directly on a bill (New for 2013!)
Look up the bill by number (for example, HB 1642) and follow the green link to add your comments.