Celebrate National Bike and Walk to School Day and Take the Spring 2014 Walk & Wheel Challenge!

Wednesday May 7, National Bike and Walk to School Day kicks off the new spring Walk & Wheel Challenge. The goal is to encourage Mt Erie students and families to fire up their feet and bodies to walk and bike, (or scooter and skate) every day, everywhere!

On May 7 we are offering a group ride or walk event from Storvik Park. Mt Erie students will meet on the south side parking lot at 9:05 and depart for school at 9:15. We will also have a group ride from Causland Park; riders meet at 8:45 and depart at 9. There will not be any walkers at the Causland location. Parents and community volunteers will accompany the students and Anacortes Police Community Volunteers will be on hand to assist with crossing 32nd safely. If your student wants to ride back to their starting location there will be volunteers who will lead back to both locations.

The challenge starts May 7 and runs through June 4. Use the log attached to this email or available at your school. You can count walking and wheeling every day and everywhere – even on weekends. If you walk to the bus stop and ride the bus, this counts too! Can you walk and wheel somewhere every day? Take the challenge! Everyone who participates will receive a certificate of participation and a prize. Simply keep track on your log and turn it in to the school’s main office by June 6.


Spring 2014 WW Challenge Log ME WW Spring Group BikeWalk


ME WW Spring Group BikeWalk